Quarry won’t be ‘called in’

Following requests from the Parish Council and residents for the quarry at Rudheath Lodge, New Platt Lane, to be determined by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government the decision has now been taken that the application should be decided by the local councils.

Therefore the decisions to approve the proposal by both CEC and CWaC will stand.

“In deciding whether to call in this application, the Secretary of State has considered his policy on calling in planning applications. This policy gives examples of the types of issues which may lead him to conclude in his opinion that the application should be called in. The Secretary of State has decided not to call in this application. He is content that it should be determined by the local planning authority.”

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    In the run up to the 2019 Local Elections, I took the time to research the candidates for Dane Valley Ward.

    Concerned that the Green Party candidate had only listed his name and no details as to where he lived, what he stood for or what he intended to do, I emailed the Party to highlight that this seemed to me to be a truly wasted opportunity given the threat of the Quarry and the pollution, transport and environmental effects it would have, as well as the other threats of Jodrell Bank and housebuilding, the 319 bus service, the usefulness of having two national railway stations within the same Ward (the only instance of such within the same Ward on the entire line), cattle and crop farming and the over-subscription of state supports (health centre, schools etc) due to house building.

    I received a reply saying that my thoughts would be forwarded to someone, yet I have received no reply.

    As a Blue-Green voter I found this very disappointing, and can only now hope that the next 12 years fly by (which I understand to be the lifetime of the Quarry) and then the whole site can be converted into a lake.

    I truly tried, but if the Green Party can’t even be bothered…

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    Terrible news for Allostock and Goostrey… awful. Industrialisation of Cheshire countryside. The very least enforceable condition should be a circular Public Right Of Way Footpath around the finished mere for all local residents and future generations to be able to freely use, as the only compensation for 12+ years of HGV misery and potential Silica Dust Serious Health risks. Poor decision from James Brokenshire… a Lung Cancer survivor no less…

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    Bad decision.Politicians take a responsibility for people’s lives and their quality of life and should not opt out of that responsibility.

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    A really sad piece of news.

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    I have asked Sibelco to withdraw from this site and seek another in a less populated area .As a last resort would Goostrey and Allostock and Cranage Parish Council write to Sibelco making this request..

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    James Brokenshire Secretary of State has changed his decision re. funding to replace cladding .The least local councils can do is to ask him to reconsider the decision re quarrying by Sibelco at Rudheath Farm New Platt Lane Goostrey.

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    Thank you Sajid Javid, Cheshire East and Cheshire West Councils for condemning our community to at least twelve years of major disruption and for allowing another huge chunk of farm land to be decimated!
    You have also condemned the surrounding population to exposure to Silica dust that can lead to the development of lung cancer, silicosis an irreversible scarring and stiffening of the lungs, kidney disease and chronic pulmonary disease! Another well informed decision! It will be interesting to see how many additional deaths occur over the next twenty years or so as a consequence of this approval.

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