Questionnaires: one each please. Due Monday 16th

Do fill in ONE EACH not just one per family, even if you agree on the same points;  the NP team would prefer each resident to be represented [and each one has the chance of winning the prize draws ! £100 for adults and £25 for up to 10’s and up to 17’s].  They will be collected in the envelopes by volunteers later in the week.  Links to the online versions of the questionnaires can be found here.

Don’t forget about the Youth Questionnaires and the Children’s Picture Submission – everything will feed into the final Plan.

“The responses in the Questionnaires will determine what policies are written into the Plan, and will form a key part of the evidence justifying our Plan, so we really want to do our best to make this stage successful.” The Goostrey NP team. 

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