To make 16 large crispy Yorkshire Puddings
200 gms plain flour
200 mils of semi-skimmed milk
4  medium eggs
Sprinkle of salt or so
Vegetable oil, goose fat or beef dripping
Use a jug or a bowl and put in 200 gms plain flour.
Break the eggs on top of the flour and milk.
Sprinkle on about quarter tsp salt, or a little more.
Beat hard! Use a whisk, or an electric hand beater, or a fork, but mix it throughly until it looks smooth and creamy.
Leave the beaten mixture in the fridge for about an hour at least, so it chills.
When you have prepared the vegetables and joint, cooked them, set aside to re-heat. Your main focus now, is, to get the Yorkies just right, as follows:
Turn on your oven to its highest heat.
Put a tsp of goose fat, beef dripping or vegetable oil, into each pan.
Once the oven has reached its highest heat, put in your pan to heat up. This will take at least 5 -10 mins, just the pan and fat/oil.
Beware of the safety instructions, as all appliances vary and each home has protocol to follow, in terms of fire-resistant surfaces.
Once you are sure that the oven is safe by a qualified service engineer, prior to attempting this recipe, then:
Heat your pan with the oil as mentioned before.
 Meanwhile,  remove the batter from the fridge, and give it a quick stir.
Once the fat is really hot, take the tray out of the oven, and shut the door. Quickly share the batter into your tray wells, and return the hot tray to the oven. The fat, and batter mix must not cool down, and neither must the oven.
Another secret is, that you shouldn’t try to cook your Yorkies along with your roasting potatoes, or roasting vegetables, as both create moisture in the oven, and that moisture dampens the atmosphere in the oven. Yorkies need a hot dry atmosphere.
Hence the advice to cook the joint and vegetables separately, then re-heat them. Ensure the meat is cooked thoroughly, beforehand and that all vegetables are heated thoroughly.
By the time you prepare to serve the rest of your family dinner, your Yorkies can be cooking on their own in the hot oven, but whilst cooking the Yorkies, after around ten mins look through the glass oven door, and check your Yorkies look whole, risen and golden throughout.
If they are ready, turn off the oven, and leave in the oven for about 3-5 mins to rest.
Leaving them helps them to stay whole and tall; if you take them out straight away they might collapse. If you have made too many Yorkies, then once cooked, cooked, you can pop them into a plastic bag and freeze for another day. T0 make half the amount the mix 100 g flour, 100 g milk and 2 eggs!
Before you serve up the main meal, make sure you gobble one first. To make sure that they are great. Wipe your chin, keep calm, smile, and carry on.
Then warm the rest of of the dinner, including plates and get the family to lay the dining table, serve some wine and light a candle.
Snuggle around the dining table for a great meal.
Next week Karen Brooke has ideas on desserts.
Sarah McNaught


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    I can personally say that Karen’s Yorkies are delicious. Some leftover Yorkies can be warmed and served with jam, custard or cream.

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