Red Lion houses refused

The Red Lion owners’ application for three houses behind the pub was refused permission by Cheshire East this week.  Link to application: 17/3883C
In addition to stating that the housing ‘would impair the efficiency of the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescopes’ the Council included a second reason for refusal; ‘Insufficient information has been received to effectively assess the impact of the proposals upon the future occupiers of the proposed dwellings with regards to noise, odour, general amenity and loss of amenity due to their proximity to an operational public house.’
The planning officer’s report stated:

In this instance, the material considerations comprise of [sic] the re-use of previously development land and the economic and social benefits the development of housing would bring. As the site relates to a car park and beer garden only, it is considered that the re-use of this PDL site carries limited to moderate weight in the context of Jodrell Bank. This is because the site currently comprises of no (or few) electrical devises whereas the new use including housing would. Furthermore, there is no suggestion that there are any planning benefits in cleaning up the site from a contaminated land perspective. The economic and social benefits are provided limited weight as the council can demonstrate a 5-year supply of housing and therefore there is no pressing need for the housing. Furthermore, the economic benefits would predominantly be realised during the construction period and are therefore short term in nature and also limited due to the few number of dwellings sought. Given that Jodrell Bank is of international importance, it is considered that this combined with the lack of information in relation to environmental disturbance is not outweighed by the other material considerations. The application is therefore recommended for refusal.

3 plots behind Red Lion

The Red Lion

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