Refusal for 7 houses on Main Road

The proposal for an increase to 7 houses on the paddock by 51/61 Main Road  15/3131C has been refused following an objection by Jodrell Bank Observatory.  However the site had already been deemed sustainable for 3 houses which were approved in August 2014 – when JBO did not object as long as certain building materials were used.

A pointer for the future of development in Goostrey?  Small, discreet developments of 1-2 homes that would be acceptable to our iconic neighbour – rather than the current example at appeal for 119 houses.

The proposed development is socially unsustainable because it would impair the efficiency of the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope and would not provide the required provision of on-site affordable housing and these impacts outweigh the benefits including provision of housing to address the lack of a 5 year supply of housing. As such, the presumption in favour of sustainable development does not apply. Notwithstanding this, it is considered that the adverse impacts would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits and would therefore be contrary to the NPPF.”

15/3131C refusal notice



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    Yes indeed. The neighbourhood plan committee will have to be very careful not to promote development beyond Cheshire East’s requirements without obtaining Jodrell Bank’s support first. Otherwise the neighbourhood plan will fail at the examination stage if Jodrell Bank submit an objection to any site allocation. It may be safer not to promote any site allocations and instead promote small scale development, with appropriate screening measures within the existing settlement boundary – and simply state that no development will be supported if Jodrell Bank submits an objection.

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