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Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) – Register your interest

In order to not to get left behind or be last in line as BT rolls out fibre to the premises (FTTP) in the UK – it’s important that we register our interest in the scheme.

Reasons for FTTP/Full Fibre and what it provides:

Mobile phones now provide superb video calling capability – I for one would not have known what to do if I wasn’t able to stay in touch with loved ones and friends during lockdown via Facetime or WhatsApp video, which makes it even more frustrating when the video or audio is interrupted due to slow speeds. Faster fibre means video calling is seamless and very reliable.

Wifi Calling – Goostrey doesn’t have the best mobile signal but I’d rather have it that way than any more phone masts or risk potential interference with Jodrell Bank – Wifi calling allows you to be able to use your home broadband as an “In-house” phone network giving you clear voice calling on your mobile phone when there is no mobile signal (ask your mobile provider if this is something they offer). Faster Fibre makes this possible.

Enable working from home – With more people working from home having a faster more reliable connection allows for greater collaboration and connection to work colleagues via video conferencing – obviously nothing replaces the office or meeting face to face – but having the option to choose allows for better work life balance.

Helps local businesses offer better services and payment facilities if they have a more affordable faster connection which they can rely on.

Faster, more reliable broadband also allows the connection to multiple devices with no buffering – surf, stream, download or game, whenever you want.

Goto :
Click Check My Availability
Enter your Postcode
Select your house
On the next page put your name and email in to register your interest in FTTP
You should receive an email which confirms you registered.

BT will prioritise roll out based on interest shown – THANK YOU

More information can be found here


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