Relevant points in changes to LP Strategy

The Strategic Planning Board met yesterday to review proposed changes to the Local Plan Strategy.  Just a couple of points are relevant to Goostrey: new additions in red, below….

firstly, strengthening the JBO consultation zone;

Policy SE 14 Jodrell Bank:

1. Within the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope Consultation Zone, as defined on the Proposals Map, development will not be permitted if it:

i. Impairs the efficiency of the telescopes; or

ii. Has an adverse impact on the historic environment and visual landscape setting of the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope.

2. Conditions will be imposed to mitigate identified impacts, especially via specialised construction techniques.

3. Proposals should consider their impact on those elements that contribute to the potential outstanding universal value of Jodrell Bank.

and in 13.158 as Justification they “will provide further detailed policy and advice within the Site Allocations and Development Policies document”.

and secondly,

Policy PG 1 Overall development strategy of LSCs – Justification: Clause 8.34 has been updated which reinforces development should be within existing built-up areas and adjacent larger settlements. (click to enlarge for detail)

Updated 8.34
Updated 8.34

CEC Local Plan Strategy – Proposed Changes Feb 2016

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    Yes this is interesting. In terms of JBO it appears to reduce the requirement of JBO to just prove any development impairs their research, and requires any comments or objections they make to be carefully considered for any proposed development. This should make it more difficult for developers to build where JBO raises an objection. This is of particular importance now gravitational waves may have been discovered, as facilities such as JBO will be in the race to verify these new findings, and I doubt they would want anything that could make this search more difficult.

    The revised Local Plan also reinforces the requirement that settlement needs will be met by larger nearby settlements. In the case of Goostrey, settlement needs will be largely met by Holmes Chapel, which again is sensible. Interesting, small developments appear to mean sites less than 10 houses, which is again sensible, allowing a gradual inflation of villages such as ourselves, to meet any defined need.

    We just need the Local Plan adopted now and for our Neighbourhood plan to implement these policies within the village. Looks promising..

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