Report on NPPF may help objections

At the 9th Jan village meeting Fiona Bruce MP referred to the recent Commons Select Committee report on the NPPF and asked villagers to refer to this report in their objections:

The report identifies concerns that, far from delivering development that is sustainable, the NPPF is, in fact, leading to unsustainable development. Concern was raised that sustainable development was ill-defined in the NPPF, that decision-makers were giving greater weight to economic over environmental or social considerations, and that sustainable development was not being delivered in respect of infrastructure, renewable energy and the natural environment.

The NPPF definition of sustainable development[30]

International and national bodies have set out broad principles of sustainable development. Resolution 42/187 of the United Nations General Assembly defined sustainable development as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The UK Sustainable Development Strategy Securing the Future set out five ‘guiding principles’ of sustainable development: living within the planet’s environmental limits; ensuring a strong, healthy and just society; achieving a sustainable economy; promoting good governance; and using sound science responsibly.

Villagers are asked to consider and refer to the above in their objections.  As identified by Fiona Bruce MP, developments which may harm the work of Jodrell Bank are certainly not complying with ‘using sound science responsibly’.

The report  recommends, ‘ that the Government take appropriate steps to impress publicly upon both the Planning Inspectorate and local authorities the importance of giving equal weight to each of the three dimensions of sustainable development (economic, environmental and social dimensions ), as required by the NPPF.  Both the Planning Inspectorate and local authorities, when they make their decisions on planning applications, should set out clearly how all three factors have been considered as part of the decision-making process. ‘

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