Rudheath Lodge Sand Quarry – What’s happening now?

Five years ago, Sibelco registered a planning application to make a sand quarry on Rudheath Lodge in Cranage. After the initial application there were numerous back-and-forth meetings as local residents registered over 1000 objections to the quarry. However, last year the application was finally approved by Cheshire East Council, and work began. A year on, we decided to take a look at what progress has been made and when the quarry might be operational.

We went over to the site take a look at what you can actually see at the quarry site now, and what effect this might be having. The site is certainly taking shape with operations across both sides of the road.

The most recent community liaison meeting regarding the Rudheath Lodge quarry was on 21st July, a report of which can be found in the minutes for the Goostrey Parish Council Meeting on 28th July. This report states that sand extraction began in the area on 13th July with Sibelco employing a ‘phased approach to the scale up of quarry operations’. It states that ‘current activities are on a small scale (10-20 loads dispatched each day), Sibelco predict the quarry will be fully operational by late September. The number of lorry movements is expected to be 65/day when they are fully operational.’

The initial planning application for the quarry stated that the site would be used for ‘the extraction of approximately 3.3 million tonnes of silica sand over a 12 year period’, once the quarry is up and running properly.

After complaints submitted in May due to the movement of an HGV along New Platt Lane, Sibelco launched investigations and are ‘reviewing lorry manoeuvring activities at the site’. As a result of these complaints, the Parish Council is suggesting that Sibelco creates an easier way for residents to stay up to date on the quarry and its associated activities. They suggested doing so by sending a newsletter which could be included in the Parish magazine for all residents to have access to. They have created a new way in which residents can raise issues or complaints through the local parish council clerk which allows all interested parties to see any progress made. This process can be seen in more detail on the minutes from the July meeting.

The Parish Council have brought their next meeting forward to 6th October in order to ensure that any issues with the quarry can be discussed swiftly once the quarry is fully operational.

Have you been impacted by the arrival of the quarry – let us know how. 


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    We have noticed that several lorries are using New Platt Lane (adjoining Northwich Rd) to take a short cut to and from the quarry onto Northwich road . There are signs stating Unsuitable for heavy vehicles one of which on the A50 junction has been knocked over .
    These signs are being ignored by some . To quantify we would estimate 6 lorries in the last 24 hours

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    Between New Platt Lane and the actual working site on the South side. opposite the new facilities, there is what looks like a fenced in footpath with gates at intervals all the way down to the A50. Is this a public path? It would be handy as that is where there is no footpath alongside New Platt Lane and it would be safer walking there than on the road.

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