Saltersford Corner approved at appeal

The Planning Inspector has approved housing on Saltersford Corner at appeal …..

“27. In terms of its character and appearance, the field can hardly be characterised as ‘open’ countryside. It is a field, but it is enclosed on all sides by urban development of different kinds and, while there are substantial trees on developed land to the east, there are no clear views across the field of open countryside beyond. It seems to me that the open  countryside truly begins as the A535 approaches the bridge over the River Dane, beyond the site.”

“29. While not alleging overdevelopment, the Council argues that Holmes Chapel has already had its fair share of additional housing and that this is not an appropriate site to ‘flex’ the settlement boundary. That assertion rests on an assumption that housing land allocated to the 13 LSCs will be divided equally between them. I heard that the LSCs vary significantly in size, with Holmes Chapel being the 2nd largest, and several are heavily constrained by Green Belt, so that an equal subdivision is unlikely.”

read the report:  Saltersford Corner appeal decision 10 Feb 2015


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