Scouts keen to preserve green space

A resident recently posed a query on LoveGoostrey about the amount of tarmac shown in the computer generated picture surrounding the new Scout Hut & Youth Centre, David Giles has kindly explained their plans:

“Thank you for your comments. The Scouts are also very keen to preserve the green space in the village and plan to retain most of the new land as grass, where the young people may enjoy outdoor activities such as lighting fires, erecting tents and playing games. I have enclosed a proposed site plan which shows how we intend to use the land, including keeping the rear of the new facility as grass (with the exception of a small soft play area for young children) and the land to the side for parking and a shared access for the neighbouring farm fields. [click the image to enlarge]

Scout Hut & Youth Centre surround plan
Scout Hut & Youth Centre surround plan

We are considering *grasscrete for the parking area; however our funds are limited and we shall not be making a decision on which materials to use until later in the project. Our plans are subject to planning consent, which will include requirements for surfacing and landscaping.  I am grateful for your interest and support in our project, we shall be posting regular updates on the LoveGoostrey website.

Yours in Scouting,  David Giles – Group Scout Leader”

*grasscrete: cellular grassed paving in concrete or plastic.

Computer generated picture of new Scout Hut
Computer generated picture of new Scout Hut

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    Grateful for the further info David. How many car parking spaces are you provisioning for? It would still look to me at least that the area of tarmac to the side of the new hut is overly extensive (especially given The Crown car park will naturally take some overflow at peak events like Bonfire night etc). I am sure you have properly assessed the amount of car parking spaces you need, so am not wishing to teach to suck eggs, but I just want to ensure that collectively as a village we are ensuring to maintain as much green field space as we can at the centre of our beautiful rural village. One huge ‘heart’ of Goostrey in my view, and no doubt for many others, is sitting in The Crown beer garden on a summer’s day watching the horses in the field opposite, and being thankful for our rural small village aspect. What I would personally be upset to see is another sea of grey tarmac directly opposite what is already a very large area of grey tarmac in The Crown car park. So long as you are preserving as much green field as you can, limiting the amount of tarmac and car parking spaces to a sensible amount (given the immediate proximity to the very ample pub car park literally over the road), and considering Grasscrete if your budget will allow, I am in full support. Many Thanks – Dave Johnson, Booth Bed Lane.

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    The planning application 16/0436C lists 20 occasional spaces (it also lists “grasscrete”).

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    I think that the removal of a long-term derelict building and replacement by a lively and youthful new centre will be a most welcome addition to the village. A small amount of extra tarmac/hardstanding would be a small sacrifice to pay and may stop the rest of the open “stretch” from falling prey to more new housing – planning for this could be relatively straightforward, as the field may be classed as an “infill”. I think we need to be careful what we wish for.

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