Serious Traffic Accident In Our Village

Witnesses are required to report to Cheshire police.


At approximately 14.00hrs on June 1st there was a multiple collision at the cross-roads of Main Road, Hermitage Lane and Boothbed Lane, in Goostrey, Cheshire.


Please contact the police if you witnessed the scene. Also, add a comment at the foot of this article, or email us at You can help raise awareness to local users of the area, and help us stay safe.


Thank you

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    During May 2021, the Shearbrook Speed Camera (which records the speed of every individual vehicle that passes) shows that almost 80% were exceeding the speed limit (that of course includes Goostrey residents). Speeds were recorded up to 59mph. This must be one of the main contributors to the severity of accidents in the village and is in the hands of everyone.

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    There have been serious accidents at that cross roads many times in the past. To drivers who don’t know the area it is not very apparent that you are approaching a main road with a stop sign coming from Hermitage Lane.

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      Thank you Jane for your comments.
      Alas, there are issues overlooked at not only that cross-roads, but throughout the villages.
      Time for a Forum to raise awareness and act upon these concerns.

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    Goostrey has always had a 30MPH speed limit through the village.

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