Shear Brook appeal starts Tuesday 17th May

Appeal: Public Inquiry for 119 houses off Main Road at Shear Brook starts at 10.00am on Tuesday 17th May at Stanneylands Hotel, Wilmslow SK9 4EY.  Members of the public are welcome to attend and to speak if they wish.  It is being opposed by both Cheshire East Council and Goostrey Parish Council.

Details of Gladman Developments’ application and the appeal documents for a development of 119 homes on land by Shear Brook, off Main Road, can be viewed on the CEC planning page 14/5579C.   

Inquiry Ref 3129954  119 houses.

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    Good luck to Ken and his team!!

    Gladman’s expert, Dr. Trotta, summarises the problem of radio interference affecting Jodrell Bank very well:-

    ” …When making average assumptions, the existing interference is estimated to be a
    factor of 400,000 times larger than the protection threshold…..”

    So, what he is saying is radio interference from existing development in the village exceeds the recognized protection threshold by 400,000 times !!! No wonder Jodrell Bank say they can no longer detect new pulsars!!!

    The question to be asked at this inquiry then, is how Goostrey can be a sustainable location for housing developments of this size, when there are already problems of radio interference from existing developments !!!!

    The protection threshold maybe set too low at the present, as he argues, but whether its 400 times x or 400,000 times, the conclusion is the same. Goostrey is not a suitable location for this scale of development due to the potential radio interference that this would cause, and Goostrey should not have been made a Local Service Centre on this basis alone.

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    My take is that the view of “a little more won’t do any harm, as we have plenty already” wouldn’t really cut the mustard in any other serious scientific report. If it did, we’d still be pumping out “just a few more” asbestos sheets and “on or two more” bisphenol-coated baby bottles. I’d also be interested to learn of the financial incentives involved in the production of the report, in terms of any potential impact on scientific integrity.

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    Yes exactly, if this argument is permitted then interference will be just allowed to increase with each new development , until one day observations with the Lovell Telescope will no longer be viable.

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