Shearbrook development refused

Cheshire East’s Strategic Planning Board unanimously voted to reject the Shearbrook development  14/5579C for 119 houses this afternoon, on the grounds of potential harm to Jodrell Bank’s radio astronomy observations.  Prof Garrington stated that, based on recent modelling work, this development alone would increase interference over a 10 degree arc of between 13 and 30 %.   He stated it is the villages closest to the observatory, such as Goostrey, that cause the most harm to JBO with the distance to the observatory and topography being the main considerations.  When questioned about the loss of the appeal at Twemlow, he stated further research and modelling had been undertaken since that appeal and he was ready for any appeal that may come forward.

Councillors Andy Kolker and Cath McCubbin and Shearbrook resident speakers supported JBO and identified there is not the infrastructure to support this development.  Holmes Chapel and Goostrey schools are full and Section 106 contributions would not be sufficient to provide the additional school places required.

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    Also when asked what mitigation measures are put in place for development within the observatory. Professor Garrington said all the electrical equipment is housed in Faraday cages, all the rivets in the walls are covered, and doors are thick submarine style doors. Not exactly practical for a house!

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