SKA: Jodrell Bank no match for Padua, say Italians

“British and Italian scientists are at loggerheads over who gets to host the headquarters of the world’s biggest radio telescope – an instrument so powerful it will allow scientists to look all the way back to the aftermath of the Big Bang.”

“Speaking to The Independent, the masterminds of the Italian bid were in bullish form, saying the “culturally rich” Padua was clearly superior to “isolated” Cheshire.”

The President of Inaf, Giovanni Bignami, saying “The working environment is infinitely better in the Padua region – a city like Padua is much better than the rural environment of Cheshire, which is a trifle isolated.

“Padua is practically connected to Venice, which  is much better for families, and it is a culturally rich environment.”

What do you think Cheshire has to offer? [a little research reveals that Padua is 46km from Venice, Goostrey 37km from Manchester!]

A decision is expected in the next few weeks.

read the whole article: SKA article Tom Bawden Independent 9th March 2015

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