Slug pellets banned from today

Slug pellets containing Metaldehyde are banned from sale from today.

(If you see them on sale point out it is their legal obligation to remove them from sale). Metaldehyde is toxic to wildlife – hedgehogs, amphibians and wild birds are poisoned by eating contaminated slugs or pellets. If we no longer poison hedgehogs, frogs and birds, more will be around to eat the less welcome pests like slugs!

Michael Gove said “I recognise that significant effort has been put into encouraging growers and gardeners to use this pesticide responsibly by the Metaldehyde Stewardship Group. However, the advice is clear that the risks to wildlife are simply too great – and we must all play our part in helping to protect the environment. I encourage companies and growers to look at the alternatives, such as ferric phosphate, which is authorised and does not carry similar risks.”

A heavy dose of Ferric phosphate (iron) kills slugs and snails.

….but don’t be tempted to try crushed eggshells (snails eat them!) but woodchips seem to deter them.

I have frogs and toads (and a pond) to control slugs but in years when there are toooo many I sink a plastic tub in the ground with the following mix:

To 1 cup water add 1 tsp sugar. 1 tsp flour. Half tsp dry yeast.


Slug pellets banned…and binned

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