Soupa Soups is an idea conceived by Rev Heather, of St.Luke’s  Parish Church in Goostrey, to provide a means of reaching out to those residents who are most isolated in the community and before Christmas, more than 400 cups of soup were distributed by Rev Heather and Alison Wright siding from the Co-operative chain. The  final delivery of 2020,  being accompanied by Father Christmas in his sleigh.
Pre-Covid, Rev Heather ran a Drop in session at the church hall, for local residents to meet and socialise on a Friday morning, the Soupa Soups are one way that Heather can continue to keep in touch with people.
There is a rota of homemade soup makers, who donate the soup to Heather. Through Alison’s role as the local Co op Member Pioneer, this is then delivered, chilled in cups for warming up at home, and then enjoyed with a fresh bread roll. Every delivery enables Rev Heather to have a chat with each household. This face to face contact, albeit through masks and socially distanced, is very welcome, and it enables everyone to stay in touch.
Last week the residents were treated to a very tasty homemade mushroom soup. Other varieties include, pea and ham, tomato, and roasted parsnip.
The deliveries will be made every other Friday until April.
To ease the distribution, soup is transported in glass milk bottles, kindly donated by Bidlea Dairy at Twemlow. The cups, lids, rolls and serviettes are donated by the Co op in Holmes Chapel.
Any donations to help with the running costs of this project would be most welcome, contact Rev Heather at St Luke’s Church, Goostrey on their email
Rev Heather said “To see the smiles on everyone’s faces as we arrive with their soup is wonderful, I really feel we are making a difference”.
Alison said “it’s such a privilege to be able to contribute to such a valuable service in this community. Rev Heather has been inspirational with how she has continued to engage with her community. I really look forward to our Friday mornings together.”

Co op Member Pioneers bring together Co-op members, colleagues, residents and local groups to make communities a better place to work, play, live and learn. They can put you in touch with like-minded people, offer practical advice, and help.

I have been working in this part time role since November 2019, and it is the most rewarding job in the world. I have been a part of so many great projects and activities, met so many kind hearted and genuine people and really feel like I am making a difference.



Alison Wright

Co-operative Group


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    What wonderful news from Heather and Alison.
    Thank you!

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