Speeding car crashes in village

Thankfully no one was hurt on Boxing Day when an Audi RS3 crashed near The Crown. The speeding high performance car narrowly missed a young woman, smashed the wall of Rose Cottage, taking out the hedge before hitting the householders car. Windows and roof tiles were also damaged by flying bricks.
Although the car’s occupants fled the scene the driver was eventually arrested (allegedly over the limit) in Over Peover.
From John Williams:  A family are counting the cost today of a drink-fuelled night out when a car careered off the road and missed their cottage by inches. Stewart Smallwood and his family were about to have Boxing night dinner when the driver of the Audi RS 3 lost the car on the bend in Main Road, Goostrey, hit a low wall and ploughed through the front garden.The 260-year-old Rose Cottage shuddered when flying brickwork shattered three windows and smashed roof tiles as the high-powered car continued out of control before crashing into Stewart’s car outside his garage. No-one was hurt but a girl walking along the pavement narrowly escaped death as it missed her by a fraction of an inch. The six occupants who were allegedly drunk fled the scene but the driver said to be from Church Minshull, near Nantwich, was stopped at the nearby Crown Inn and ran off after an altercation when he refused to wait for the arrival of the police. It is understood he was arrested sometime later at the Parkgate pub, Over Peover.
Stewart, who recently completed an extensive restoration of the cottage and landscaping, said it was lucky none of the family was injured.His wife, Christine and their grandson had been sitting close to the shattered windows only a short time before the accident.Surveying the damage and still visibly upset and shaken as he waited to be interviewed by police, he said: “We had just sat down at the table when the car left the road. It sounded something like a bomb had gone off.It is not what happened but what could have happened. They nearly killed a girl and Christine and our grandson had been in front of the windows only minutes before it happened.” Villagers estimated the speed of the car in excess of 70 mph in the 30 mph stretch of road but a local man who knows the people involved claimed they had been travelling at 120 mph at the time.

** Photo credit John Williams showing Stewart surveying the scene with repairmen dealing with power lines damaged in the incident. .
A Frith archive picture of the same spot possibly circa 1950s when Harry Hurstfield ran the village grocery and old bakery and Stewart’s family owned the shop opposite.

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    Our thoughts are with you, saw the scene of devastation late morning yesterday and we were completely horrified……..

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