The Goostrey SpeedWatch team will be reporting 10 drivers who registered speeds over 35mph between 8:15 and 9:15 along Station Road this morning. Four cars were recorded over 40mph – with one at 49mph!

The 30mph limit is clearly marked before the railway bridge (and, as per the Highway Code, street lighting indicates a 30 limit along Station Road).

Watch your speed.

Of course not everyone speeds so well done to the 150+ drivers who drove carefully into/out of the village during the hour!

Photo from previous SpeedWatch

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    A sad result but doesn’t surprise me, a white van plus trailer went past me yesterday morning clearly speeding – I was walking near the pharmacy.

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    I notice the speed check sign heading away from the station has not worked in a couple of weeks which is a shame

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      I think it is working most of the time..just being a bit temperamental!

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