Subterranean house proposal near Jodrell

A proposal for a ‘partially subterranean’ house has been submitted, situated less than 700 metres from the Lovell – incorporating copper in the construction in an attempt to “protect the proposal from impact on Jodrell Bank”.  A decision on the proposed dwelling – on the right after Blackden Bridge – is scheduled for this week, under delegated authority, with objections listed from the Observatory and Goostrey Parish Council. (Although the address is Jodrell Bank, Macclesfield it is within Goostrey Parish)
Link to application:  17/5843C

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17/5843C Design and Access statement:  ‘The façade is a large mass form of copper material. This copper wall edges the lower ground floor and the copper wall curves to the south and east. …………4.5.3 The form and shape of the building is defined to deflect radio waves away from Jodrell Bank, creating a buffer spine to the proposal. The buffer will block the radio waves at ground/lower ground floor level and from the roof.’
JBO state in their objection  – ‘Having a significant amount of the dwelling underground and the use of metal cladding and other techniques may provide enhanced interference mitigation. Designing and constructing rooms which are well shielded in terms of radio frequency emission is a task for specialists and it has to be borne in mind that even narrow gaps (including window and door frames, and even door seals) can act as antennas for radio emission and that that special treatment is required for all cable and ventilation penetrations, including mains, telephones and TV/satellite equipment. Thorough treatment of all these issues could possibly reduce the impact to minor, in our normal way of assessing emission from sources inside the dwelling under ideal conditions (windows closed etc.), but the building measures do not reduce any emission from activity and equipment outside the shielded parts of the house (e.g. use of electronic items, garden and DIY equipment etc.). Furthermore, there is no realistic way of guaranteeing the long term efficacy of any such measures through building control, or for controlling activities and/or equipment outside the shielded parts of the house.’
Goostrey PC have objected on the grounds that the proposed site is in Open Countryside, and therefore against Neighbourhood Plan policy (‘dwellings should be within, or immediately adjacent to, the existing Settlement Zone Lines of Goostrey village’).  Furthermore, as JBO have objected, the application also conflicts with other N’hood Plan policies.

Meanwhile, we still await the decision of the Henderson Homes appeal against the refusal of 6 houses in the village that were opposed by JBO.

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