Summer for Canine Companions

Have you thought about how humidity and heat affects a dog, your canine companion? We strolled to Bidlea Dairy this week.

They always have a fresh bowl of water and shade for me, and decent milk and ice-cream for my owner. Quotes Miss Topaz, the owner of Miss Sarah McNaught, who thinks she is in control. Ha! Ha! (But Topaz Is Boss).

Whilst a human feels a tad hot and sweaty, our dogs feel it much more. Excessive panting and drooling, lethargy and needing more water…less urination and hard stools. Yet, they cannot speak to us.

Dear dog-owners, please watch your pets during humid and dry times in not only Summer and Spring, but into Autumn also.

Plus, as Topaz says “top your owner up on H2O also”

Please gain free advice from your vet about dog-dehydration. It is only a phone call away. And…take the H20 everywhere you go

Love Your Pet! Love Your Owner!

Love From LoveGoostrey





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