Summertime Nature

The frogspawn hatched in Spring and afterwards, baby frogs gathered under my strawberry plants and ventured forth for a humid sunbathe last month, they were curious of their new life and glittering eyes could be spotted at twilight, not only in Goostrey but throughout our county. A chorus a tennors, one croak, two croaks and before long the garden pond was a festival. I almost saw a frog play the electric guitar.

By July, a small male black darter joined the commotion and hovered overhead, then clung to a bough upon the heath. This Dragonfly had flown at nearly 20 miles per hour, stopping to refuel and re-set his SatNav to change course, then claim a warm and humid environment to park his long 10cm body, and lie down awhile.

This chap took a long drink with the Frogs around the pool, and they chatted about greener lady Dragonflies, and the family holiday spots to fly, and hop off to in August.

They discussed the merits of Norfolk over The Highlands, to take the teenage Dragonflies off to, but the frogs opted to stay fond of my pond.

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