Mount Pleasant Residential Park

The village in it’s own entirity, at Mount Pleasant Residential Park, has seen changes since it was previously used as a caravan park many years ago. There is a special feel, and the memory of the former owners, the Bates family still reflects the ethos of reasons curtailing to changing from once a touring caravan […]


Known as ‘Nigels’ by the children that over the years, have called into the shop for a comic magazine, the owner  of Goostrey News once carried Sean Connery’s golf clubs. “I had a trip out to meet the friendly face of Nigel Fallon behind the counter of Goostrey News”. Goostrey News, which was previously a […]

Goostrey Oracle Keeps On Asking You…

Goostrey Oracle Keeps On Asking You… Thankfully many residents within Goostrey, and the surrounding hamlets and businesses, have contributed to our Community Pages. Have you sometimes wondered, if anyone is listening? Add your own stamp to the website with a local image, whether from the past or present, to create history, for the generations to enjoy. Keep those posts coming […]


My interview with Margaret Ward, President of Goostrey WI, was very insightful and informative. It was great to understand more about this long running institution. This year, 2021, is Goostrey WI’s 100th anniversary! It’s inaugural meeting was held on 23rd November 1921 and 45 ladies joined. The first President was a Mrs Glazebrook and Secretary […]

Local History: The Bog Bean

We are very excited to be beginning a brand new series at Love Goostrey, where we hope to explore the local history of our fantastic village through a variety of different buildings and areas. And what better place to begin with than the Bog Bean. The information for this piece has come from the wonderful […]