Goostrey PC vote for a Neighbourhood Plan

Goostrey Parish Council voted for a Neighbourhood Plan for the village last night.  As one councillor put it, Goostrey “is not normal”, in that we have the Lovell radio telescope on our doorstep and do not wish to harm its observations.  Goostrey will therefore need to engage with the Jodrell Bank Observatory at an early stage:

Peter Godfrey, Chairman, Goostrey Parish Council,

At its monthly meeting on January 13th, Goostrey Parish Council voted to develop a Neighbourhood Plan and accordingly established a Neighbourhood Planning Sub-Committee to take this forward.  The Council believes this is a long-term project which is extremely unlikely to have a direct bearing on the Gladman planning application.  It could however help the village influence the extent and type of development in the village up to 2030.  The early tasks for the committee will be to define its Terms of Reference, hold discussions with Cheshire East Planning and decide on what area should constitute the Goostrey ‘Neighbourhood’. 

After this has been done, there will be a need to communicate what is happening to the wider village community and seek volunteers from outside the Parish Council to become involved in steering and working on the project.  The Parish Council also voted in favour of consulting, in parallel with the above first steps, with the Department for Communities and Local Government(DCLG) to find out how best to incorporate the views of the Jodrell Bank Observatory in the Neighbourhood Planning process.  Fiona Bruce will be asked to set up a meeting with DCLG.”