Every year at Christmas time many British children stick sweets on cocktail sticks, stick them in an orange, put a candle on top and gather together. Christingle is a joyful celebration that brings families and communities together which derived from John de Watteville in Germany in his attempt to get children to think about Jesus. He started the tradition in 1747 in his Moravian church congregation. The orange represents the world and the red ribbon symbolises the love and hope of Christ. The sweets represent all of God’s creations and the lit candle represents Jesus’s light in the world.¬† Examples of a Christingle can be seen in the picture below.



Heather Buckley who is the Reverend of Saint Luke’s Church would like to remind the parents in Goostrey to pick up a Christingle bag tomorrow (Friday 4th December) after school from 2:45pm onward at the Crown car park or the Village Hall car park. “The Christingle bags contain the ‘ingredients’ for a Christingle with a bit of a difference!!!” It’s a case of taking it home and putting it together. Additionally if you are interested in joining in a zoom get together on Sunday afternoon at 4pm, please let Heather (the Vicar) know on her email: if you would like to join in.


The Christingle service donations will be going towards The Children’s Society¬†so if you would like to donate then please go on their website. They do a wonderful work with young people and vulnerable children.





Yours Truly,

Charlotte Fellows



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    Wonderful cheer!
    Come on children and parents, grab your bags of joy.
    Yours Truly
    Sarah McNaught

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