The Woodlands Showhome open

It is interesting to see the Woodlands development now that the Show home is open – and the houses on the market – and to drive on Blackberry Way, the contentious access road.  Jodrell Bank did not object to this development, just requested screening measures.

The New Homes Bonus does not go to Goostrey however, despite locations and amenities being advertised as Goostrey, as it is technically Allostock, Cheshire West and school places are funded at Peover not Goostrey School.  The Woodlands address however is ‘Goostrey’.  A prime example of cross-boundary planning.




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    The address of a property is not linked to the Parish boundary so it is possible for a property outside of the Goostrey Parish boundary to be allocated the “locality” of “Goostrey”.

    Nether Lea and Hermitage Lane are both clearly within the Goostrey Parish boundary but the “locality” in our postal address is “Cranage”.

    The attached is an extract from an exchange of E Mails I have had with the relevant authority:

    “As you are aware, every house and business in the United Kingdom has been given a postal address by Royal Mail. It is important to understand that a correct postal address is not a geographically accurate description of the location of a property. A correct postal address comprises street naming and numbering information provided by local authorities and is completed by Royal Mail adding locality detail if required, post town and postcode. A correct postal address is simply a routing instruction that allows Royal Mail staff to sort and route mail for final delivery to any address in the country. As such it is linked closely to the national distribution and delivery network operated by Royal Mail and not to borough or parish boundaries.”

    As to whether that would entitle new households in The Woodlands to use facilities within Goostrey Parish, schools etc, I have no idea.

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    It is understandable for these new villagers to want to use the facilities in the village. However, It is very disappointing that the planners didn’t see fit to allocate funding for school places to Goostrey and other benefits from the New Homes bonus to improve facilities for our newcomers. It is also very disappointing that the boundary between Cheshire East and Cheshire West was not resolved when there was the opportunity. This has now resulted in division of part of the village between the two!

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