Update on the ShearBrook appeal

It has now been confirmed by the Planning Inspectorate that after the Public Inquiry in May 2016, although the Planning Inspector will make a recommendation, the final decision will now rest with the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP.

This is not exactly a surprise considering the national importance of Jodrell Bank, but is no greater indication of what the outcome will be.

Meanwhile Cheshire East are still preparing their ‘Statement of Case’ against the appeal but have engaged one of the UK’s leading QC’s to lead their refusal case at the Inquiry.

Starting on 17th May the Public Inquiry is estimated to last 6 full days and will be held somewhere in the local area.  It will be open to the public (and the public can speak in the allocated slots if they wish).

Goostrey Parish Council has engaged a barrister for the Public Inquiry and have already submitted their  ‘Statement of Case’  , as have Gladman Developments: ‘Gladman Statement of Case’


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    If houses are required in the village , JBO will need to advise on the best location for them and also how many they can tolerate. This will be the main constraint following any Objectively Assessed Needs Survey. From past comments on other planning applications and appeals it would appear the answer is the ‘further away from them the telescope the better’. The key risk area appears to be directly to the SE-SW of the telescope where the main pulsar observations are made. They seem to have undertaken a detailed mapping exercise following the loss of the Twemlow appeal to provide evidence for any future appeals which allows them to quantify the radio interference risk to the telescope. This probably explains the last minute amendment to the Local Plan where’ in terms of Goostrey development needs will largely met by Holmes Chapel’, which may indicate they are against any significant development in the village. As we have seen in past appeals it is proximity to the telescope and topography which are the key issues for any development, and this will need to be resolved prior to proposing any Site Allocations in the Neighbourhood Plan. The nearest and largest developments closest to the telescope in villages such as Goostrey are reported by Professor Garrington as posing the most risk. Interestingly, JBO had no objections to the 38 houses in the new Woodlands development …

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      Also based on evidence from the Twemlow and Hermitage Lane applications, 14 houses was reported by Prof Garrington as causing the same level of unacceptable nterference as the 25 houses proposed at Hermitage Lane. Based on this simple analogy this would be equivalent to 6 houses in the area of the Grange, and around 20 houses at Shearbrook. The

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        The current proposal of 119 houses at Shearbrook is reported in Jodrell Bank’s comments on the planning application as potentially increasing the level of interference from all sources in this SW direction of the telescope by 10%. Which is a big increase in interference for just one development!!

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