Update on the traffic lights for Goostrey Station Bridge

A message from The FOGS Committee on the traffic lights which have been proposed on Goostrey Station Bridge…
The matter was raised at a recent Goostrey Parish Council Meeting as the design for the improvements to the bridge were done in 2018 and the works were scheduled to be completed in March 2019 but as you will be aware no progress has yet been made to date.
Goostrey Parish Council have asked Cheshire East Council (CEC) for an update meeting to discuss their plans for the Station Bridge and timescales for work to be carried out. A meeting is due to take place later in January however a date and agenda for the meeting has not yet been confirmed by CEC. The Vice Chair of Friends of Goostrey Station Dave Roberts will be present at the forthcoming meeting and will make representation regarding the current hazards that the bridge poses for rail passengers when walking to and from the Crewe Platform.
In order to try and escalate this matter FOGS have asked Fiona Bruce MP to write independently to CEC supporting that the works be progressed. Attached to this email is Fiona Bruce MP confirmation to Dave Roberts that she has sent said letter asking for an update. We will email again following the meeting and advising FOGS members of the outcome.

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    Imho a new metal pedestrian footbridge over trainline at North end of Car Park (near the to the offices – where the temp access was when Northern Rail were doing the renovations to Goostrey Station building) needs fully exploring as alternative solution (like at Sandbach station), as this will have less negative impacts on queuing traffic pollution for homes on Station Rd, revving and speeding cars post lights due to frustration, and normal traffic flow for all (both locals and visitors) through the village, especially at peak hours.

    We must remember that there has never been a reported accident on this road bridge, ever. Though I accept trying to improve all pedestrian / commuter / cyclist / horse rider / motorist safety is a good idea.

    If traffic lights are the net end result and the road is narrowed accordingly, a few things need to happen:-

    1) The layout is compatible with the Station Car Park entrance & Blackden Manor entrance.

    2) Goostrey Lane’s Speed Limit needs reducing from National to 30/40mph max as otherwise an extremely short National section will lead straight into a Traffic Light queue, which will be completely unsafe. Goostrey Lane is a CE Highways ‘forgotten short section’ of National Limit road, cars regularly speed on it, it is often thus unsafe for walking / cycling into Goostrey (i.e. to access the Station / School etc) for Twemlow residents.

    3) Signs at the Twemlow Lane end of Goostrey Lane will need to warn HGVs of a Narrow Road Bridge up ahead (as well as the existing weight limit – which mostly gets ignored), so as to further encourage wide / heavy vehicles to use alternative routes into Goostrey (i.e. from the A50 side).

    That’s my own view at least, as a long term local of both Goostrey and Twemlow.

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      Signs for HGVs warning of Narrow Road bridge up ahead would also need to be at the Goostrey side somewhere also, giving chance for HGVs to return back from Goostrey via the A50 Western side of the village.

      I still firmly believe a new Metal Footbridge ove the line for Rail Users from the North end of the Station Car Park would the be best for everyone – as even if traffic lights are installed and the road narrowed to protect pedestrians walking immediately over the bridge from one side to the other, most pedestrians simply walk down the narrow road with no pavement into Goostrey from the Crewe side rather than walking into the car park to then access the pavement that starts on Station Rd – so the risk to pedestrians / commuters is still not resolved. Same goes for those commuters walking to and from the Station from Twemlow (then we start talking about a pavement into Twemlow Green – long since discussed but very low on CE / CE Highways priorities).

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