The elixir of life on planet earth. Water.

The H2O is precious and vital to every living organism here on our tiny bubble in a multitude of universes, on earth. Water provides the moisture to our food and drinks. It feeds crops and animals.

Please think before utilizing it. When we have it, please do not take water for granted. Please think before sponging the car, power-washing the patio, filling the pool and think, before you hose.

The current heatwave has depleted our reserves in reservoirs and despite the water-table level being reasonably high, DeFRA information points towards a mandatory hose-pipe restriction in parts of the UK.

Use a watering-can to attend to hanging baskets and potted plants. Avoid the lawn mower and allow the moisture in the grass to replenish essential insects.

If possible try to avoid filling baths in the home and share a shower instead. Drink water! Do not waste it! Does it matter if the car is dusty? No! Save water and energy. It is very hot presently. Chill the habitual cognitive side of ones brain, and relax.

Kind regards


Sarah McNaught

Managing Director





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