May I please draw your attention, and that of thy adopted wildlife, dogs and cats? Thank you for encouraging our companions. Both inside, and those we encourage into gardens.

The posts circulating Goostrey village, on the subject of dog waste, may be confusing to other species, and humans with, or without pets, or no interest in fanua habitats.

Most owners and pet-care practitioners are sensitive and responsible. However, wild animals and birds cannot read the signs posted upon lamp-posts and bins.

Birds cannot fly on their backs over Goostrey, hoping to find a Public Convenience. A hedgehog needs to ‘Go To The Loo’, without crossing Main Road, risking a flattening. The fox needs to trot, and cannot wait, to google where to deposit.

Maybe, if the Residential Areas are so concerned, further investigation should happen, before the animals set up a Facebook page.

Contact the Local Authority and Cheshire Wildlife Trust, for more information curtailing to Pet and Wild-Animal turds.

Recently the residents at Mount Pleasant Residential Park, found some unexplained muck on the communal lawns. What a mystery? Maybe because we, in Goostrey, live on the edge of farmland, the creatures come out at night for a socially conscious party, and perhaps have a life? Then, by morning, all that is left, are remains of the digested debris that humnans find so odd.

Lock-down the lids of those wheelie-bins. Ask yourselves, where do we put it?


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