Did you know church bell ringing is a performing art? Church bell ringers practice and rehearse together for all church services, they even have competitions and sometimes will ring for the joy and love of ringing together as a team.

Sadly the Covid-19 pandemic has negatively impacted bell ringing, with churches closed and ceremonies postponed. Often there would be several bell ringers all pulling together, but sadly this Christmas St. Luke’s will only have a solo bell ringing on the joy of  this year.

Michael Hodge who organisers the bell ringing at St Luke’s Church in Goostrey, explained that this years Christmas service will have only one bell ringing due to Covid-19 restrictions. So keep your ears peeled for the ‘one bell ring’ on Christmas day.

Yours Truly,

Charlotte Fellows



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    Our bell ringers are wonderful and we miss them, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tom Nestor for his faithful ringing of one bell during this year. He contributed to the appreciative clapping for the NHS on Thursday evenings and Tom decided to continue to remind us of the continued effort and dedication of all the medical staff during the ensuing months. He contributed to VE day and VJ day as well as Remembrance Sunday and Remembrance Day. As we returned to worship in St Luke’s after the first Lockdown Tom continued to toll the one bell five minutes before the Sunday services began. He continues to remind us of the need to pray, to remember the presence of God in the midst of all we are going through and to remind us of the beacon the church is in the village on Sunday evenings. We salute you Tom. Thank you.

    Heather (vicar)

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