Why are trees important?

Google the term ‘Biodiversity’ and you will be hit with several worthy articles talking about opportunities, networking, delivering tangible outputs etc. What does this all mean? And how does this show that trees are important? And what has this to do with Goostrey?

At school you are taught that biodiversity is important for the planet as cutting down tropical rainforests for goods like mahogany toilet seats and cheap burgers means that plants and animals die out as their habitat is destroyed. It is said we need a diverse number of species as we could well need different food sources or new medicines in the future. Footage of areas of the Amazonrainforest damaged by ‘slash and burn’ clearance techniques haunt both nature documentaries and news items alike. So we could all be forgiven for thinking that there is nothing we can do as we have no influence over Southern American governments, there’s no networking to be done with the huge conglomerates involved and no ‘tangible outputs’ (!) to be achieved from our position on a small northern hemisphere island.

What you are not taught at school is how biodiversity affects our immediate ecology and area. A single tree planted in Cheshire can support hundreds of species, various invertebrates (bugs to you and I), butterflies, moths, birds, fungi, mosses, lichens etc. It can be it’s own ecosystem, supporting whole food chains and being part of a food web in an area which sustains the biodiversity in a true sense of the word – a huge number of different living species living in biological harmony with their environment. Our environment, where we live too.

So can we give Mother nature a helping hand? By planting trees and managing our gardens, hedges and farmland in a mindful, nature friendly and knowledgeable way we can do our bit to increase biodiversity. On a small island, in a small part of the County of Cheshire in the small village of Goostrey we CAN make a difference. And that difference could be YOU! If you want to know more and want to improve your environment please get in touch with the Editor of Love Goostrey.

Angela Balcombe
Head Gardener of Garden Angel (Cheshire)


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