Gladman call for Local Plan to be withdrawn

While Gladman propose 119 houses in Open Countryside here in Goostrey against the wishes of the village and Jodrell Bank Observatory they recently called for CEC’s Local Plan to be withdrawn, citing insufficient public consultation following revised amendments to the green belt.  The council are currently proposing that the examination hearings will be resumed, hoping that the Inspector will be satisfied with the changes, before public consultations take place.

“It is Gladman Developments’ submission that the revised Plan is clearly so substantially different that the Council should be advised to withdraw it and formally re-submit in a finished form. If not, the Inspector should advise the Council to undertake the work to finish this version of the plan and then formally consult the public on the revised changes, before moving to consider their views as part of a resumed EiP. The problem with this last option is that it yet further extends the suspension period (already ten months and even under the Council’s preferred way forward likely to result in many more months of uncertainty).”  RE C001 Gladman Developments Note

However the Inspector “working pragmatically and positively with the Council as they produce the amended Plan” responded that he “may find that some shortcomings remain with the Council’s additional evidence, in which case, he may advise the Council about any necessary further work which may be needed before the examination could progress.”

The Inspector confirmed his intention to ensure that there will be full public consultation on the Council’s suggested changes to the Plan in the light of the additional evidence, before he resumes the hearings on the Plan. RE A010 Inspectors response




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    I do not think Gladman will be happy until the whole of Cheshire East is one massive housing estate, built by, guess who??

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    Indeed, without Jodrell Bank Observatory’s objections I suspect we would already have seen Goostrey increase in size by at least 30%, in line with many other towns and villages around the country. People do have to live somewhere. However there is plenty of space in Cheshire East to provide additional housing that doesn’t impact on Jodrell Bank’s research and where the additional infrastructure can be provided to support the increase in population. We do need an adopted Local Plan though, to make sure this happens in a co-ordinated and sustainable manner .

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