Young People’s Wildlife Project: A Wild Success

Sunday (11th October) saw the first in this year’s two part Young People’s Wildlife Project, where people of all ages headed down to local areas of wildlife around the village and planted all sorts of plants and trees to help the local wildlife flourish, with the added extra of making the areas even more beautiful for us to enjoy as well!

We thought we’d do a little round up of the event and share some pictures of its success!

Paul Kemsley, the event’s organiser, had this to say: “If you go down to the woods today you will be in for a big surprise. Over 120 people young and old came to enjoy the sunshine and do their bit for local wildlife and what a fantastic job they have done. Oak for the Jays, Hazel for the squirrels, May for the hedgehogs and Dog Rose for the romantics, over 400 trees in total. Well done all.”

Special thanks to Paul Kemsley for organising such a fantastic event! Hopefully we can all get out into nature again very soon!


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    Congratulations to all the planters of trees in Blackden and to the organisers.

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